Hull Financial Planning Personal Finance FAQ Series: Is Happiness the Inevitable Result of Having Money?

Will more money make you happier? If you don’t have a lot of money, you probably imagine that having more will make you happier. Is it an inevitable outcome?

Take a look at the video below and find out what I think.

Is Happiness the Inevitable Result of Having Money?

The transcript follows.

A lot of people who don’t have money think that having money will solve all of their problems. While having money is almost always better than not having money, it’s not the panacea that people make it out to be. Having money won’t find you love. It won’t find you meaning in your life. It won’t make meaningful friendships. It won’t define your inner core values. What it will do is relieve stress and allow you to focus on the things that truly are important to you, family, friends, goals in life, and your values. If you’re looking for money to truly make you happy, then you’re going to be disappointed when you find that you have money but still don’t have happiness.

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